Successful case for EEA family member – EEA Residence Card

This October, here at Pryde Immigration Lawyers, we were able to see the application of a newly wed couple result in the Home Office granting the couple an EEA Residence Card. 

What is the Free Movement Right for EEA nationals and their family member?

It entitled EU citizens to:

  • look for a job in another EU country
  • work without needing a work permit in EU Country
  • reside for that purpose
  • stay even after employment has finished
  • enjoy equal treatment with nationals in terms of employment, working conditions and all other social and tax advantages

Ms. Y, born in China, came to study her masters degree in Media Management at the University of Glasgow on a Tier 4 Student Visa. She met Mr. V, an EEA national from the Republic of Slovakia, in August 2014 and they fell in love with each other instantly. By November 2014, the couple were living together and by January 2016, they were happily married. They had a beautiful and intimate ceremony at the Church where their close friends all joined to celebrate their union.

Unfortunately, Ms. Y and Mr. V’s lives together were not completely free of immigration issues. Ms. Y’s Tier 4 Student Visa expired in January 2015 and the Tier 5 Visa she acquired after expired in February 2016. The newly weds’ happy life in Glasgow was at risk. Mr. V had an established job in the Hotel business and all of their friends were in the UK. They wanted to spend the rest of their lives together in the UK. However, with the passion and expertise of our staff at Pryde Immigration Lawyers, we were able to assist the couple with Ms. Y’s application for an EEA Family Permit which was successfully granted by the Home Office in October 2016. Fortunately for Ms. Y, she was able to make her application for an EEA Family Permit whilst present in the UK. If she had returned to China before making her application for an EEA Family Permit, it could have been months before she heard back from the Home Office, just to be granted an initial 6 months Permit before having to make another application once she was back in the UK anyway.

Thus, we would highly encourage everyone who intends on applying for an EEA application to do so whilst they are in the UK, regardless of whether your visa has expired or not. EEA member should apply for Registration Certificate and family member to apply for Residence Card. For further advice in connection with requirements for applications for an EEA Family Permit, please contact our immigration lawyers in Glasgow on 0141 332 9888 or via our online enquiry form. Your initial consultation with our solicitors is free.

Yeenzy Lim-Seet, Pryde Immigration Lawyers.



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