Family and Private Life for Unmarried Partner- Successful story

In one of our recent success stories, our client, Mr. X, was granted a period of 30 months limited leave to remain on the basis of family and private life in the UK, showing the flexibility and expertise of our staff. This was an exceptional case as although Mr. X’s wife had permanent residence in the UK, Mr. X arrived in the UK from China in 2006 illegally, failed to meet financial requirements and failed to meet the standard of English required for a spouse visa. Thus spouse visa is not an option for Mr X. He came to us and he was left with the despair of potentially having to leave his 4 year old son here in Scotland. However, our dedicated staff here at Pryde Immigration Lawyers advised him to apply under the private life route. With our hard work and expertise, we were able to prove that client has family and private life here, though he is not married to his partner. His application was granted in less than 3 months. We welcome anyone with spouse visa refusal to come to us.

For further advice in connection with requirements for applications for spouse visas or applications for indefinite leave to remain on the basis of family and private life in the UK, please contact our immigration lawyers in Glasgow on 0141 332 9888 or via our online enquiry form.


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