British Spouse who is EEA national – You may have no right to stay in UK

EEA national who is not qualified person (e.g.housewife), but married to British national will need to show that they are self-sufficient and have comprehensive health insurance for the last 5 years to apply for Permanent residence. Home Office does not make it clear, about whether they will consider household income from spouse be an indication of SELF-sufficient. There is no stipulated amount of income or savings to qualify as self-sufficient. They will have to have comprehensive health insurance, like EEA national student. They should not be using NHS because NHS is not comprehensive health insurance. If they have use NHS, they would have become burden of the social assistance scheme. Even if you have private health insurance, whether it is ‘comprehensive’ or not, is on case by case basis. You can also check if your country have reciprocal healthcare arrangement with UK. British spouse who is EEA naitonal, who does not have comprehensive health insurance, you shall wait to see the negotiation of UK exit, or get comprehensive health insurance ASAP and apply for registration certificate.

If you wish to know more about how to apply for document to certify for Permanent Residence, please contact our office on 01413329888 and speak to one of our advisor.

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