Tier-1 Entrepreneur

The UK Border Agency uses the Points-Based System. There are strict requirements and documentary evidence is essential, also crucial is expert representation.

We can assist you at all levels with your application as follows:

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) oversees the Points Based System and operates firmly on the merit of required evidence. It's vital that you have relevant and accurate papers that we can use to best represent you. What certificates do you require? To whom should they be submitted, and how?

To the layman, immigration law can at times be confusing. We provide help in understanding the system and will act on your behalf.

We can:

  • Provide comprehensive advice regarding papers and evidence required for your case.
  • Professionally review an application you have personally written.
  • Assist you fully in structuring your application to the point where it is carries the most weight in your favour and complies with all necessary governmental requirements.
  • Schedule and personally represent you at a Same-Day Premium PEO appointment with the UKBA.

Perhaps you are thinking of launching a further case or appeal. Whatever your circumstances, contact us for a free consultation – swift action is often the key to success.


The number of points needed to be successful in Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) depends on whether this is your first submission or you are applying for an extension on an existing agreement. Pryde Immigration Lawyers can help you with the complexities of either application, but let's generally look at the criteria for this tier

  • Available funds of £50,000 to £200,000 earmarked for UK investment.
  • Aforementioned funds must be located in at least one regulated financial institution.
  • Funds must be expendable in the UK.
  • English: you must speak English to a standard set by UKBA.
  • Maintenance: you must have enough funds to support your own living expenses when in the UK.

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