Pryde Immigration Lawyers

If you envision a permanent residence in the UK you will be interested in the UK Naturalisation process. We deal with these cases every day and are therefore very familiar with how the system works.

Remember that UK constitutional law allows an individual to have more than one nationality. However, you must check that the law of the other country allows for dual nationality – do this by contacting that country's relevant governmental department.

You can become a British Citizen in the following ways:

  • as a right under statute
  • via Registration
  • have naturalisation granted after weighed consideration by the Secretary of State.

If applications via naturalisation or registration are denied, there is no appeal process and the application fee will not be returned. That's why it's vital you seek highly qualified advice to guarantee you submit a thorough and professionally written application.

UK Citizenship law can seem complicated and it is easy to make an oversight. That's why you should contact our solicitors, who will clarify the law, as it pertains to your case, free of elaborate terminology.

Do you require an interpreter? We offer this as a professional service. We will explain how best to structure your case and identify any weaknesses that merit discussion.

Before we send your application to the government, we will draft necessary representations to support your submission and ensure that you are kept informed of the process.

Contact us to get your application moving. We specialise in immigration law, meaning you are free to telephone or e-mail us with any enquiries. Read testimonials from previous clients Here.