Tier-4 Student

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Tier 4 of the Points-Based System applies to individuals over 16 years of age who wish to enter the UK to study. To apply for a General Student visa through Tier 4 you:

  • must be registered a full time course with an institution recognised by the UKBA (we can help you find this out)
  • the above course must lead to an accredited qualification and be at a suitable level.

You require 40 points to be eligible for Tier 4, to get these points you must:

  • obtain a verified Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) document from the educational institute to which you have applied. Remember to keep the CAS reference number as it is needed when applying for a visa. The CAS is binding for 6 months only and can only be used once. In the event your application is refused, you must secure another CAS.
  • prove that you have enough money both for course fees and living costs (maintenance).


For courses lasting more than a year you need only prove ability to fund your first year in education. If your study is for less than a year, you must prove that you can meet all the financial requirements in full for that period.


You must show that you have funds to cover living expenses whilst studying in the UK, this amount is specified by the UKBA. The amount you need to prove for maintenance is considered based on where in the country you are a student and whether or not your presence has been established.

In order to be eligible, your funds must be in your account for no fewer than 28 consecutive days. The final day of this 28 day period cannot be more than a month prior to the date on which you have applied.

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